April 19, 2015

Q-Post now using Citroen New Berlingo

Like Q-Post, trust Citroën to find the best answer to your professional requirements

Q-Post now using Citroen New Berlingo

The Qatari Postal Service (Q-Post) looked to buy a new generation of delivery vehicles. The tender called for a contract potentially worth millions of Qatari Riyals.

Citroën name is a popular presence in the new car market, yet is equally heralded in the commercial vehicles sector, with the latest range of Citroën vans fulfilling business needs. Q-Post expressed a remarkable satisfaction for Citroen’s Multi-spacing abilities and will use now onward the new shape of Citroen New Berlingo with its bigger engine, improved sustainability, and larger payload volume than previous models as well as Citroen Jumper, the leading competitor of panel vans in Qatar.

Q-Post sets high criteria for its delivery vehicles as their daily deliveries journey is tough and main priority is protecting parcels from exterior damages (Sun, rain, dust…) while providing to it’s driver Comfort, Safety and Performance, Citroen Commercial Vehicles were the perfect choice.

El Naael Company (Citroen Exclusive Dealer in Qatar) provided a variety of commercial vehicles to Q-Post’s for the last decade, and CITROEN wins once again a ubiquitous showcase of its innovation, utility and durability for years to come.